Healthy Shopping for Your Kitchen

Having tasty and healthy food in your kitchen is great for your health. I just visited my friend Sluggo and had lunch at his house, and although we ate well, it just amazed me my unhealthy most of the foods were that he had lying around the kitchen. If you have junk food around you will tend to eat lots of it. Healthy food shopping is a great way to improve your health and lose weight.

It all starts with knowledge and a plan, and although we cannot educate you here fully on nutrition, paying attention and reading many of the excellent resources available is one of the first steps. My friend Sluggo doesn’t know what is healthy and what isn’t. He thinks bacon and fried eggs are a light breakfast for example! this can be a Healthy Diet Trends, because this is very simple and anyone can do this.

The shopping list is next. You are shopping without a file (or when ravenously hungry) are both terrible! You will usually buy too much of something, not enough of others, and be tempted by plenty of unhealthy foods. For example, you might get too much fruit, which is lovely but perishable. Alternatively, too many potato chips. Some junk foods are ok, but only in moderation. Despite what my friend Sluggo thinks, potato chips do not count as vegetables!

Loading up on fresh fruits and vegetables is always a great idea. Even people who rarely eat them enjoy them when they start eating them again. A list will help prevent you from getting too much. Canned ones are OK also, not as good as fresh, but they last much longer. Make sure you read the labels to avoid lots of added sugar, salt, and other ingredients.

Label reading is something you must learn to do regularly. It amazes me what kinds of “surprise” ingredients make it into many foods! Many people use the cooking test: if it’s not an ingredient they would book with, it doesn’t belong in their diets. Does anyone cook with polysorbate 80 or high fructose corn syrup? The answer is no, and these do not belong in your foods either. I am a meat eater and eat plenty of it. I do try to restrict the amount of red meat I eat and you probably should too. Try healthy lower fat cuts for most of your red meat, as well as poultry and fish. I also like plenty of legumes such as dried black beans, navy beans, lentils. Plants are great for meatless meals as well as quite hearty and filling!