Tips for Staying Calm During a Dental Checkup

Tips for Staying Calm During a Dental Checkup

Many people worry about dental checkups. Even if you see your dentist twice a year and regularly brush and floss, you might wonder about that ache you feel in the back of your mouth or those stains that you see on your teeth. Though it might seem impossible, you can stay calm during your appointment and any procedures that you need later.

Relax in the Waiting Room

Dentists have waiting rooms in their offices that they stock with magazines. Many of these rooms have soothing music piped in to help patients stay calm. Prior to your appointment, you can flip through the pages of your favorite magazines and focus on the topics that interest you, which can help you relax and stay calm. You may want to bring your own earbuds and listen to some of your favorite songs on your phone too. If you keep just one bud in your ear, you can keep the other ear free to hear the receptionist calling your name.

Read About the Procedure

When you go online, you can actually read about all the procedures that you need and find out what each one entails, which can help you feel a little better about your appointment. When it comes to a root canal Skokie IL patients will find that the dentist gives them a shot that numbs the root and the surrounding tissue to keep them from feeling any pain. The dentist may even apply numbing cream first to ensure you don’t feel a thing. Certain procedures will require that the dentist puts you under, which will let you sleep through the entire thing.

Talk to Your Dentist

Chatting with your dentist is the best way to alleviate your fears and concerns. You should make sure that the dentist knows you are nervous and ask for tips on conquering your fears. The dentist may suggest that you take a relaxing medication prior to your appointment or that you take a pill at the start of the appointment. All these tips will help you feel calmer during your dental checkup.