Only in Indonesia various types of traditional beverages unique and delicious

Speaking of drinks, there are types of modern and traditional drinks. This time we discuss traditional beverages typical of Indonesia. The archipelago country of Indonesia has many traditional types of drinks. Starting from Sabang to Merauke in each region must have a unique drink each. Traditional Indonesian drinks are often encountered in daily life in addition to thirst release, also has many benefits for health. Here are some types of the traditional drink recipe from Indonesia:


Bajigur is a warm drink typical of the Sundanese people from the area of West Java, Indonesia. Its main ingredient is sugar palm and coconut milk. More delicious when mixed with a little ginger, salt, and vanilla powder. Bajigur most suitable to drink during cold weather or during the rainy season.





300 gr Javanese sugar

100 gr sugar

Salt to taste

2 pieces of pandan leaves

350 ml of water

900 ml coconut milk

150 gr fang-Kaling, split into two

2 tablespoons coffee powder

Bread to taste

How to make:

• Enter and mix Java sugar, sugar, salt, pandan leaves and water. After boiling, remove and strain.

• Put the coconut milk, fro, into the mixture, then cook it until it is cooked.

• Serve in small cups or bowls. Can be added bread or a little ground coffee.


Bandrek is a traditional drink from Sunda, West Java, Indonesia. These drinks are usually served in cold weather, such as during the rainy season or at night to warm the body. The basic ingredients of Bandrek are ginger and brown sugar. But certain areas add their own spices to reinforce the warm effects, such as lemongrass, pepper, pandanus, chicken eggs, and so on. Milk can also be added depending on the taste of presentation. Traditional beverage Bandrek also can reduce mild pain such as a sore throat.

Wedang Ronde

Wedang Ronde is a traditional drink originating from Java. It is a ginger water containing a ball called “Ronde”. Served warm with roasted beans, frosting, and slices of bread in the beverage. Ronde made of sticky rice flour containing peanuts and brown sugar. The texture is chewy when bitten and the inside will melt in our mouth. There are two main components that exist in the Wedang Ronde of ginger drink and the Ronde itself. If the Wedang Ronde has no Ronde, then the drink is called ginger drink.





Sekoteng is the original drink of Central Java with the taste of ginger served in hot conditions. Other ingredients that are mixed into beverage Sekoteng are green beans, peanuts, sago pearls and a slice of bread. Sekoteng usually served at night.


300 ml of water

200 grams of sugar

50 grams of ginger, thinly sliced and then crushed

5 pieces of pandan leaves

3 grains of fennel

3 cm cinnamon

For Content:

2 loaves of bread without skin, cut into pieces

50 grams roasted peanuts

50 grams of boiled green beans

50 grams of pearl sago, boiled

sweetened condensed milk as a compliment

How to Make Traditional Drink Sekoteng:

• Boil water with sugar, ginger, pandan leaves, fennel, and cinnamon until boiling. Lift and strain.

• Organize in a small bowl of chilies, green beans, peanuts, and plain bread. Pour with hot sauce.

Bir Pletok

Bir Pletok is a refreshing drink made with a mixture of spices, namely ginger, pandanus fragrant leaves, and lemongrass. This traditional drink is known among the Betawi ethnic. They consume the drink at night as warmers. In order for the color is more interesting, Betawi people usually use additional sappan wood which will provide red when brewed with hot water. Bir Pletok does not contain alcohol. This drink is efficacious to accelerate blood circulation.




Wedang Jahe

Wedang Jahe (Indonesian: “Ginger tea”) is a traditional ginger tea dish from Central Java and East Java, Indonesia. Wedang Jahe is generally served in hot conditions. Wedang is the Javanese language which means “hot drink”, but in this case means “tea”. Although without the caffeine content, these drinks are often served and enjoyed just like tea. This drink is made from ginger sugar and coconut or rock sugar. Indonesian people also use ginger powder as a common ingredient in their traditional recipes.

That is some of the traditional drinks in Indonesia. Hopefully useful for the readers. thanks.