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How to Pick the Best Ingredients for a Bougie Dinner Party.

There are various kinds of feasts. For there to be a feast, there must be lots of foods and drinks. One example of a simple feast is a bougie dinner party. There are times when you might be celebrating some achievements in life. One way to do this simply is by hosting a bougie dinner party. There are certain tips that will make your dinner party a success and memorable as well. The guide is not complicated. This guide guarantee a successful dinner party. These tips are as follows.

One thing we can all agree in is that food is the heart of human culture and society. Food is a means of survival. It is one of the basic needs. Beyond the simple means of survival, food is also something that people use to bond, celebrate and enjoy together. This shows that food is very important. Sometimes, we invite our friends over for dinner. Hence, the need to feed them. It is obvious that you will provide them with the best of the dishes you know of. It is quite difficult to offer your friends with the best of …

Only in Indonesia various types of traditional beverages unique and delicious


Speaking of drinks, there are types of modern and traditional drinks. This time we discuss traditional beverages typical of Indonesia. The archipelago country of Indonesia has many traditional types of drinks. Starting from Sabang to Merauke in each region must have a unique drink each. Traditional Indonesian drinks are often encountered in daily life in addition to thirst release, also has many benefits for health. Here are some types of the traditional drink recipe from Indonesia:


Bajigur is a warm drink typical of the Sundanese people from the area of West Java, Indonesia. Its main ingredient is sugar palm and coconut milk. More delicious when mixed with a little ginger, salt, and vanilla powder. Bajigur most suitable to drink during cold weather or during the rainy season.





300 gr Javanese sugar

100 gr sugar

Salt to taste

2 pieces of pandan leaves

350 ml of water

900 ml coconut milk

150 gr fang-Kaling, split into two

2 tablespoons coffee …